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11/10/2016 Analog, Beekeeping, Diary, Leipzig

At the start of this year when I entered the world of beekeeping my body had to get used to it. And this was not even the worst of the stings I received. The one next to my eye made me look like I was punched in the face big time. It’s been a wonderful experience so far and with the little magic creatures slowly going in to hibernation it will be the time where I’ll plan to read a lot to prepare myself for the next spring. There’s so many ways of beekeeping and I’m still searching for the most natural and therefor most bee friendly way of keeping them. Or I’d rather say, hosting them. They are not mine, they are free beings. I just help them out. Like I don’t say it is my honey or my wax. Yes I took it from them but from that moment on it’ll never be mine. I’ll always be thankful for using their produce that came out of so much hard work.

04/09/2016 Analog, Beekeeping, Diary, Leipzig

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